Our History


Branch Brothers Construction, LLC was originally named after Yod’s two sons, Keenan and Rylan in 2000. Both boys are now grown. Keenan is now an artist and musician, and Rylan a computer programmer.

As the company has developed, the Branch Brothers name has developed a deeper meaning as well. Each crew member has been sought out, or has sought out the Branch Brothers Construction company for employment because they want to be a part of a brotherhood of craftsmen, working together toward common goals. It is not hard for employees to adopt the philosophy of dedication to quality, and teamwork right away. This tight knit crew understands that it is important to cultivate friendships as well as working relationships both within the company and with clients, to ensure a work environment that is not only effective, but fun and motivating.

Each team member brings a separate skill set and area of expertise, from fine woodworking to complex framing, tile artistry to assembly work.

Over the years Branch Brothers has completed over 200 projects in Central Oregon including construction from the ground up to finish, commercial remodels, commercial construction, including a brewery, historic district remodels, accessory dwelling units, shop buildings, greenhouses, outdoor kitchens, disaster restorations and repairs, and many, many home remodels.

Our current focus is residential remodels and additions. From master suites to master baths, kitchen remodels to bonus rooms, granny flats to greenhouses, we got you covered.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to work with local customers to bring to life the space that makes them happy, maximizes efficiencies, and allows them to thrive in their daily life.  Branch Brothers wants to not only work with customers in a business sense but get to know them on a personal level and bring them into the Branch Brothers' happy customer family.